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About Fountain Community Theater


Fountain Community Theater in Fountain, Colorado is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization formed in 2014 by individuals who share a passion for producing plays for kids and adults alike. We fosters community togetherness through the performing arts. We produce entertaining plays for kids, lovers of the theater, and anyone who's still a kid at heart.


We are a Non-Profit and comply with all Federal and State laws. View our IRS Form 1099 for 2017 here.


Humble Beginnings


Fountain Community Theater began as a group of people with little real life experience in producing plays. Along the way, we discovered that the best way to learn to do something is to try and teach others and to learn from both mistakes and successes. Since then, we discovered the unique challenges and rewards of rehearsing and performing. We work to produce a daring mix of plays--classics with a new twist, modern and experimental works, musicals, comedies, dramas, and shows that were collaboratively created by the cast during the rehearsal process.


Mission Statement


Fountain Community Theater’s mission is to present innovative and thought provoking works of classic and contemporary theater.


Our goals are to:


• Work as a collective of artists, dancers, musicians, and performers.
• Explore the collaborative and holistic arts of theater, poetry, music, and dance.
• Strive to present works that are relevant, artistic, and personal.
• Provide a visceral experience designed to impact audiences.


Contact Our Organization



Contact us to learn more about our group that produces inspiring plays for kids.

M Daniel Lewis President/Excutive Producer

Founded Fountain Community Theater 2014 and Excecutive Producer for the theater group.


Wendy Lewis

Board Member / Director

Wendy has directed most of our plays and has been a great help.

Cory Rothermal

Board Member

 He loves the theater. He is an active member of the theater. He has years of experience in back house and on-stage positions. 

Patrick Neil

Board Member

Directs, acts and produces plays of all kinds. He is willing to step in at a moments notice and is a great help to the theater.



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Bruce Rothermal

Board Member

Is a great supporter of our theater and is a wonderful help when we need him most.